People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Natalie Caine’s statement

I want to express my support for those gathering in London, Ontario tomorrow, and to the communities across the county that are standing up against Tar Sands oil and pipelines.

If we allow governments to approve Tar Sand pipeline projects, then we all become responsible for the death and displacement that will only accelerate globally as a result of climate change.

If we allow these pipeline projects to move forward, we then become responsbile for the poisoning of communities downstream from the Tar Sands, for the infringements on indigenous rights, and the ongoing threats to the natural world.

People around the world are waking up and saying “not on my watch”. Me included. How could we stand by and allow big oil to continue profiting from destruction and human rights infringements, while we have the ability to create an Energy Revolution and invest in a safer, greener, energy future.

It’s time to seperate oil and state. It’s time we start sticking up for indigenous communities for exercising their rights. Since we have a choice between Tar Sands destruction and a world fuelled by green energy, nobody except oil companies would choose Tar Sands expansion. In other words, in every sense we simply can’t afford a Tar Sands future.


Maryam Adrangi’s statement

The Line 9 Reversal Project is a bad idea. Shipping tar sands through a pipeline which was meant mainly for natural gas is an accident waiting to happen. It poses great risk to water, land, animals and humans.

The pipeline, originally built in the 70s because of an ‘energy crisis’, was constructed quickly and with a sense of urgency to provide energy to central and eastern Canada. Very much like the railway, it was an attempt to ‘unite Canada’ through industrial development. Hopes that an industrial project can ‘unite’ people is incredibly narrow minded, particularly when we see people become united by actually fighting such a project to protect their water, homes, livelihoods, and communities.

This pipeline does not and will not ‘unite’ communities. It will threaten them. The pipeline would bring tar sands crude through southern Ontario and allow for expansion of Alberta’s dirty oil industry. The tar sands industry has a multi-pronged approach to destroying communities. As labour is shipped to Alberta from elsewhere in Canada and abroad, we see that communities are broken as people are forced to leave their homes, family, and friends to find jobs. Local, sustainable economies and sectors are not given the same opportunity, through political subsidies and financial investment, to flourish. Instead, the Conservative government and the oil and gas industry expect labour to be centralized in Northern Alberta to help an export-driven economy.

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Laurel Thompson’s statement

Dear Friends,
Enbridge and the National Energy Board are desperate. They thought they could fast-track a review of the Line 9 reversal project. But the indigenous people of Ontario and environmental activists are not going to let them get away with it. Not without a fight. The more noise we make the better. We want renewables, not tar sands. Tar sands extraction is an offense to the planet and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Laurel Thompson
Scarborough ON

Sara Shwadchuck’s statement

I am writing to say that I am against the Enbridge Pipeline. There was already a spill in Michigan, and I do not want there to be another one. You cannot guarantee that there will not be another oil spill, and you cannot promise an oil spill recovery. Oil spills do damage. We must respect treaties, we must protect the Environment: the people, the animals, the water, the plants.

Please, choose human interest over corporate interest.

Thank you,

Sara Shwadchuck
Hamilton, ON

Mel Bazil’s statement


Our future here in Wet’suwet’en Territories are going to be 100% Pipeline and Offsetting Free. We do not support the following proposed or illegitimately approved pipelines (and their inevitable bitumen spills) to cross our territories: Apache Corporation’s Pacific Trails Pipeline, Endbridge’s Northern Gateway Project, Pembina Pipelines’ Dual Pipeline Project, and Kinder Morgan’s Transmountain Expansion and Reroute to Kitimat.

We do not see our people breaking the Natural Laws to promote Carbon, Boreal, or Biological Offsets so the destruction of others lands and waters is mitigated by false solutions. We say no to Offsetting! If Enbridge is planning to Offset their proposed RoW in our territories, we are educating our leaders regarding the falsity to the proposed solution that are Offsets and Carbon Markets.

We stand in solidarity with our neighbours in all directions who oppose all pipelines and who do not wish to see further destruction from Hydrofracturing and Tar Sands projects in the Horn River Basin and Lubicon Cree, Cold Lake, and Athabasca Dene Lands. We wish for a future of health for all peoples and pipelines and expanded oil and gas projects are not a part of that. We offer solidarity to all communities who are impacted by the proposal to reverse the flow of the decommissioned Trailbreaker Pipeline for the purpose of transporting bitumen and condensate to New Hampshire, Maine, Montreal, and the east coast.

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Isabee Demski’s statement

Please do not allow the pipeline. The oil sands will one day be worth much more and methods may improve that will not ruin the environment. This is wasteful of resources that will be more valuable in the future as well as not having good methods now.
I am a geologist.

Mike Hudema’s statement

The tar sands are a toxic project that is already devastating land, water, ecosystems, climate and communities.

The tar sands alone will pump more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere then all the cars in Canada combined. They turn forests, and peat lands into barren moonscapes.

The second largest dam in the world, second only to the three gorges dam in China, is in the tar sands. It is owned by Syncrude Canada and is full of toxic waste. These toxic pools already span over 140 sq km of Alberta and are growing larger and leaking every day.

The tar sands are also destroying a traditional way of life of First Nation people in the tar sands region. The Beaver Lake Cree have already filled a lawsuit citing over 20,000 treaty violations because of tar sands operations on their traditional territory. The community of Fort Chipewyan continue to deal with on-going health issues caused by tar sands operations.

The list goes on and on.

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Atik Dootam’s statement

Jan Jacklin’s statement

Enbridge, surely someone there has a conscience. Someone there has children and/or grandchildren who they want to leave a clean and healthy planet to. Someone there must have a better solution than destroying our planet so we can drive cars. Stop thinking with your wallets and start listening to your heart (and common sense).

Jan Jacklin
Huntsville, Ontario

Speak out against Enbridge! Send in a statement before Wednesday (May 23rd)

Help us stand up to an Enbridge plan to pump corrosive tar sands through a decades-old pipeline in Ontario, Canada — without consent, and in violation of treaties with Indigenous Peoples.  Enbridge also plans to pump toxic tar sands to the east of Ontario.

We are calling for statements from anyone who is concerned about this project, and its ties to the tar sands.  We invite you to send a typed statement, an online video, or an audio recording.

Contact us at

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