People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Haudenosaunee statements

This video captures some of the words that members of Six Nations spoke in the room for the National Energy Board hearing, after protestors disrupted the official proceedings.

(Please note: Haudenosaunee is the correct spelling. There is an error in the video.)

Sun Media also has posted 10 seconds of a Haudenosaunee statement — beginning about 50 seconds into the video.

One of the speakers refers to a statement about the pipeline from the Haudenosaunee Development Institute.


Adam Maxwell’s statement

At the community-based hearing, across the street from the official one –
MP3 audio recording

Note: Enbridge line 9 currently brings conventional oil to Sarnia-Lambton, and the fossil fuel industry plans to reverse the flow of the pipeline to bring oil and tar sands through the Sarnia area.

Taylor Flook’s statement

Taylor focused on movement and solidarity -building in her statement at the gathering –
MP3 audio recording

Earlier, she had read a written statement from Mel Bazil of  Wet’suwet’en as we opened the People’s Hearing.

Sâkihitowin Awâsis’s statement

At the People’s Hearing event –
MP3 audio recording

Earlier in the day, police detained and ticketed Sâkihitowin, after she led the people’s mic disruption at the National Energy Board hearing.   (She re-caps the events of that day in a separate video.)

A statement from a London (Ontario) activist

Another statement from the People’s Hearing event — on the first day of the official hearing –

MP3 audio recording

David McColl’s statement

An audio file from the People’s Hearing event –
MP3 audio recording

S.K. Hussan’s statement

At the People’s Hearing event, across the street from the National Energy Board hearing –
MP3 audio recording

Brenda Thompson’s statement

I am against the Line 9 Reversal Project. Six Nations already have to deal with the toxic oil refineries in Sarnia now you want bring in tar sands crude which poses even greater risk of rupturing and wreaking havoc on humans, wildlife and the Great Lakes? This has to stop.
There are safe, renewable energy alternatives. Let’s start investing in them instead of propping up dirty, boreal forest destroying oil.

Brenda Thompson
Scarborough, ON

Marie Lawlor and family – statement

I am very angry about the Harper Government’s policy on promoting dirty oil. There are alternatives and Canadians everywhere are opposed to the pipelines. I don’t know of anyone who wants more pollution and irreversible climate change to be the gift we pass on to future generations. Stop the pipelines, invest in clean renewable and sustainable energy for now and for the future.

Annie Banks’ statement

I am writing to oppose the Line 9 Reversal Project. It is being done without consent on the territories of the Six Nations people and it violates treaties. These kinds of actions are wrong, unjust, destructive and have a devastatingly negative impact on the earth, animals and people. Overwhelmingly the people most negatively impacted are Indigenous communities; how is this just? This is just wrong. Corporations working in conjunction with an illegal, occupying government to make profits off of peoples’ suffering is not okay and neither have the rights to do so. Six Nations’ decisions for Six Nations’ land. No more pipelines.


Annie Banks