People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Mel Bazil’s statement


Our future here in Wet’suwet’en Territories are going to be 100% Pipeline and Offsetting Free. We do not support the following proposed or illegitimately approved pipelines (and their inevitable bitumen spills) to cross our territories: Apache Corporation’s Pacific Trails Pipeline, Endbridge’s Northern Gateway Project, Pembina Pipelines’ Dual Pipeline Project, and Kinder Morgan’s Transmountain Expansion and Reroute to Kitimat.

We do not see our people breaking the Natural Laws to promote Carbon, Boreal, or Biological Offsets so the destruction of others lands and waters is mitigated by false solutions. We say no to Offsetting! If Enbridge is planning to Offset their proposed RoW in our territories, we are educating our leaders regarding the falsity to the proposed solution that are Offsets and Carbon Markets.

We stand in solidarity with our neighbours in all directions who oppose all pipelines and who do not wish to see further destruction from Hydrofracturing and Tar Sands projects in the Horn River Basin and Lubicon Cree, Cold Lake, and Athabasca Dene Lands. We wish for a future of health for all peoples and pipelines and expanded oil and gas projects are not a part of that. We offer solidarity to all communities who are impacted by the proposal to reverse the flow of the decommissioned Trailbreaker Pipeline for the purpose of transporting bitumen and condensate to New Hampshire, Maine, Montreal, and the east coast.

We also say no to unwanted mining. We do not wish to see more oil and gas and military expansion being facilitated by mining for minerals that are not subscribed to by the peoples of these lands. Federal and Provincial Job strategy and civilization’s expansion are not welcomed in the face of global climate change, increasing health risks from ‘so-called-development’, and decreasing clean and healthy water sources.

It has been a long time coming, the vision of a world that does not seek to destroy and mitigate merely to continue with the destructive and short term world of civilized life in gluttonous cities and war torn histories. The vision of our world we seek involves Settlers and Indigenous Peoples minds bringing together a true relationship where construct laws can also reflect Natural Laws and conflicts are minimal and violence is stopped. The peaceful existence of our futures includes our taking back of our responsibilities to our future generations and our healthy world that no one can own, but can have a relationship with. Let’s do this! Good blessings to you all in your efforts and keep the faith strong!


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