People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Speak out against Enbridge! Send in a statement before Wednesday (May 23rd)

Help us stand up to an Enbridge plan to pump corrosive tar sands through a decades-old pipeline in Ontario, Canada — without consent, and in violation of treaties with Indigenous Peoples.  Enbridge also plans to pump toxic tar sands to the east of Ontario.

We are calling for statements from anyone who is concerned about this project, and its ties to the tar sands.  We invite you to send a typed statement, an online video, or an audio recording.

Contact us at

Wednesday, May 23rd is the first day of National Energy Board (NEB) hearings about this Enbridge project.  The NEB already is siding with Enbridge by fast-tracking the review process. This official hearing will take place in London, Ontario, Canada.

Community organizers have called a People’s Hearing event in the same city on May 23rd, to bring forward voices which are excluded from the NEB hearings.  Anyone can participate by sending in a statement.  We will try to read any written statements aloud on Wednesday (if there is enough time for us to do so).

In solidarity,
The People’s Hearing organizers


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