People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Rod Morley’s statement

I call on every Canadian to leave their confort zones. To wean themselves of this addiction called oil. There are ways and technologies now available to us all to leave oil in the ground and look to the 21st Century. It will be hard, but in the long run humanity might still be around to enjoy the extra jobs and tax revenue that would be provided by the research and development of alternative energy. We as Canadians must force the issue to our so called “leaders” and to call them on their small minded talking points that say you can have jobs or you can have a clean environment, you can’t have both.
I say the only way we can survive, if we deserve to survive is to take control of the agenda and look to a brighter, cleaner future without fossil fuels.


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