People's Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge's line 9 phase I proposal

Call for participation: People’s Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

People’s Hearing on the Tar Sands Pipeline

A community-based response to Enbridge line 9

Online – from now until May 22nd
In London, Ontario, Canada – on May 23rd


We are inviting any interested individuals, groups, and organizations to participate in a People’s Hearing on a tar sands pipeline project through Ontario.  The People’s Hearing is a community-based response to this Enbridge project, and the illegitimate and anti-democratic review process which is underway.

The official hearings will take place in London, Ontario on May 23rd and May 24th.  There also may be hearings on May 25th.

For the People’s Hearing, we are accepting: (a) online statements, videos, or audio recordings; or (b) in-person statements in London, Ontario in late May.   The People’s Hearing in London is scheduled on Wednesday, May 23rd, at 1pm, at 300 Dufferin Avenue (see map).  Any written statements and videos we receive will be posted on the blog site.  Statements sent before May 23rd may be read aloud in-person that day.  Anyone who gives an in-person statement also can choose to have their words recorded and posted online.

Enbridge’s pipeline project is called “line 9”.  Below there is information about this pipeline, and the flaws in the official review process.


These articles offer some background about this project, and its connections with the tar sands –
“Oil sands critics take on Ontario pipeline battle” (Toronto Star)
“The other Enbridge pipeline: Ontario’s Line 9 project” (

Tar sands are more corrosive than conventional oil, so a pipeline breach is more likely.  Pollution also dramatically increases refineries that process tar sands, and having tar sands pipelines in place allows for devastating tar sands extraction to increase more rapidly.

A pipeline rupture could flow into the Great Lakes. Numerous other waters and lands in Ontario also are threatened by this Enbridge project.

This map shows the path of the pipeline through Ontario.  The first phase of this project currently is under review.  In future phases, tar sands would be pumped even further.   This map shows an Enbridge plan to extend this pipeline to the east coast.


The official hearings are not legitimate or democratic because –
The federal cabinet will try to overrule any review outcomes which they do not approve of.
– Concerns about tar sands extraction are among numerous crucial topics that will be considered to be ‘irrelevant’ in this much-too-narrowly defined hearing.
– This project violates treaties with indigenous peoples.  The pipeline reversal would flow across the Haldimand Land tract, without Six Nations consent.
– Enbridge has not provided adequate notice of their plans, and very few Ontario residents are aware of this pipeline.
– The web site for the official hearing is not accessible; it evidently was written for lawyers.  Yet, citizens generally are unable to hire lawyers to represent them in this review process.
– Months were slashed from the timeline of this review, which originally was scheduled for the fall.  This fast-tracked review further undercuts the potential for democratic participation.

The People’s Hearing is a forum for anyone who would like to speak out against Enbridge line 9, the tar sands, and the official review process for this pipeline.

If you would like further information, please contact us.

In solidarity,

The People’s Hearing organizers.

Phase I of Enbridge’s line 9 proposal

Enbridge’s “Trailbreaker” plan


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